About me

You can call me Orgho/Argo (P.S. Don't go after the spelling Arghya), a typical Bengali name. By profession, I am a software developer currently working with Postman, Bengaluru, India. In the past, I have worked full-time with Credit Suisse, Healthifyme, and Storymirror. Primarily I like to work in the backend but the universe always has different plans for me, somehow I end up working equally on the frontend side.

I am a coder/builder at heart, I am always tinkering with some new technology or building something on the side. Currently, I am building a community for runners in India, Bhaago India, the platform is in the beta stage, with really bad UI and feature exploration phase, if you are a runner and want to contribute or discuss more it then hit me up at argo@thetldr.tech

Here is the list of technologies I have experience with

Here are a few of my social profiles which I use to brag about myself :

Apart from being a coder, I am also an avid trekker who has done multiple Himalayan treks. I have done P1 certification course for paragliding, if not for the epidemic, I would have got my pilot license by now. Long-distance running is therapeutic for me so I run regularly, and to date, I have run 10+ official half marathons and 2 full marathons with the best timing of 4 hours 28 min ( I know nothing to brag about but my journey was from 0 to 42 km in 8 months). You can find my running adventures on my Strava profile. Apart from running, I have recently discovered my new fondness for endurance cycling, my longest ride being 200km. My goal this next year is to do a Half Ironman Race.

I believe in the 21-90 rule, you need to do something regularly for 21 days(3 weeks) to make it a habit and then follow it for 90 days (3 months) to convert it into your lifestyle. As of now, I have been able to learn handstand, switch to 10-finger typing (though I am still horribly slow), and learned to write with my left hand (I am a right-hand person), learn cooking, using the 21-90 technique.

I occasionally write about travel experiences. You can find those blogs in my medium account.

You can reach out to me for any tech-related consult at argo@thetldr.tech or connect me on LinkedIn or book a slot below.